Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to get a website indexed fast

How to get a Website Indexed Fast

Have a website you want to get indexed fast? This article will take you through the steps to using a blog to get your site indexed in weeks, rather than months.

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Get Indexed Fast

What does getting indexed mean?

The search engines keep a cache of every web page in their index.

In English, this means: The search engines make a copy of every web page they visit and put in their records ummm, I think thats what I mean.

When you use a search engine the results list relevant pages to your search, usually ten results per page.

Each result includes a live link to the page, and a cache or snap-shot of the page, recorded the last time the spider visited that page, at some time in the past.

If you wish to get a website indexed, first you must have a website preferably a real one that you own, not a free website a la Geocities etc.

It only costs about $8 to register a domain name, and about $5 a month for cheap hosting, while $10 a month will get you very good quality hosting.

To get indexed fast, I recommend you start a b


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